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Pits, Prisons and Palaces Pt 12

April 30, 2020

Key Chapters & Segments in Joseph’s Life

A.    Dreamer
B.    Rejected by his brothers.
C.    Sold as a slave in Potiphar’s house.
D.    Wrongly accused and thrown into to prison. (Joseph lost his coat, but he kept his character)
E.     Interpreter of dreams! (chief cupbearer and chief baker)

The cupbearer forgot him, but God did not!


3. The Speed of Trust 

Why did Pharaoh believe in Joseph's interpretation?

There must have been something stirring about Joseph's words.



  • Joseph’s marriage to a Gentile bride is a type of Christ’s marriage to the church during this age when His brothers after the flesh have rejected Him.
  • The account of the king’s appointment of Joseph over all his kingdom continues to present a picture of Joseph that recalls the portrait of Adam in Genesis 1
  • As Adam was made in God’s image to rule over all the land, so the king here gave Joseph his “signet ring” and dressed him in royal garments.

Joseph accomplishes all that Adam failed to do


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