Horizon Church


Pits, Prisons and Palaces Pt 13

May 5, 2020

Key Chapters & Segments in Joseph’s Life

A.    Dreamer
B.    Rejected by his brothers.
C.    Sold as a slave in Potiphar’s house
D.    Wrongly accused and thrown into to prison. (Joseph lost his coat, but he kept his character)
E.     Interpreter of dreams! (chief cupbearer and chief baker)
       The cupbearer forgot him, but God did not!
F.    The radical elevation of Joseph (Joseph's rise to power)


1.  First son - Manasseh

Joseph named his son Manasseh because God made him forget the injustice of his brothers, the mistreatment he endured by Potiphar, and the years spent in an Egyptian jail for a crime he did not commit.

2. Second son - Ephraim

Joseph could have been bitter, hard and critical but he kept his heart from resentment and God blessed him with a new life with great authority.


It takes much more grace to serve God in prosperity than it does in a time of crisis.



A. God has taught Joseph how to cope with success!
B. It is more difficult to handle success than it is to deal with failure. (Proverbs 27:21)
C. Joseph was a great leader, but his greatness was related to his humility.
D. The more a statesman is distinguished, the more laborious should he be for the public good.


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